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I was trying to do an illustration for a fest, but realized today that I'd apparently forgotten how to draw on a tablet... I hadn't realized that I've just been colouring things I'd drawn on paper for a while now, so my hand-eye coordination had become complete crap. @___@ So I did a couple of practice drawings today:

In Jen's and my ridiculously long 8th year Drarry roleplay, Harry and Draco study to become Animagi as their final project for Transfiguration class. Harry's form turns out to be a Merlin Falcon while Draco becomes a snow leopard. I didn't feel like drawing a bird and a leopard, though (animals are NOT my forte), so here's a cheesy half-transformed drawing. 8D

(I still can't figure out how to draw Draco's freaking hair...)
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So, I'm horrifically behind on the DTH fest (as in, I haven't been caught up since week one, MY BAD). I was going through my LJ notifications today and found "Big White Room" and—

AHHHHHHHH. I am beside myself with excitement! It's so pretty! Look at the body language on those silhouettes! God, that first panel just kills me - and Draco reaching out for Harry with both hands but getting nothing but smoke - Draco playing his violin admist the cloudy swirls as Harry reaches back - *faints* I spent like fifteen minutes scrolling up and down, up and down, looking at this over and over - I just can't get enough of it! This is the kind of feeling I wish I could capture in my art - look at all of the emotions conveyed in their body language! Ahhhh!

Going back a bit farther, there was "A Night Out", and I am in LOVE with Harry's suave grey suit and Draco's catwalk strut and shoes! Man, Harry looks like he belongs in Black Butler, and Draco's so "Can't touch this, baby," I love it! And that trippy background really reinforces the snazzy fashion feel!

Two more days back, and we have the gorgeous tarot-inspired "The Lovers". I adore the composition of this piece: the smoky dark, cool colours at the edges, the sunburst of warmth in the center highlighting their romantic kiss, and that FREAKING TREE OH MY LORD I WANT IT. As someone who fails hardcore all over making a nice, balanced composition, I'm so envious of these mad schools, but so happy they exist. ♥

I had another prompt marked as claimed for fic in the prompt list, but I don't see that it ever went up...?
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Those of you who were part of HD Art Fest 2012 will probably remember [ profile] isinuyasha's jaw-droppingly, heart-stoppingly GORGEOUS piece, "Tea Time and Happiness." As I don't limit my fangirling to just fictional characters, I make a point of shoving this gorgeous piece into everyone's faces as I can - I don't think I have a single close friend, or less-close friend who likes Harry Potter, who hasn't been made to gaze upon and swoon over this beautiful artwork. ♥

And because I like to wear my fangirling on my sleeve, one day, I decided - hey, you know what would make a great 3DS skin for EVERYONE TO SEE? THAT ART. Oh, gosh. ♥ Can you imagine?


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Claiming my Owlposts

Thursday, 15 January 2015 03:44 pm
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Across a road or two (5800 words) for [ profile] chibitoaster
It takes five countries with four meals in three continents for two men, but it all leads to one happily ever after. || LJ here || AO3 here
- Comments: This fic went in spurts of writing itself or not wanting to budge. I knew how it started and I knew how it ended, but chunks of the middle got stuck for one reason or another. Still, as it largely involved food and languages, it was pretty fun to write. ;) Gods, but did it make me hungry, though.

I'll Be Home for Christmas (illustration) for [ profile] leontinabowie
Harry waits up for Draco on Christmas Eve. || Full-sized image
- Comments: I feel like Harry was a much different style than I normally draw (I tend to like him boyish and knobby rather than mature and muscled), but it was oddly fun nonetheless. Had issues with Draco's hair, but I always have issues with Draco's hair. And the cat is totally my old one... ;) Overall, while I ran out of time to give it finishing touches like highlights and shading, I'm decently satisfied.

Pull the Blinds and Change Their Minds (crossover comic) for [ profile] kitty_fic
Harry wants to be a dad. Merlin thinks it's a fine idea. || Full-sized image
- Comments: Ahahahahaha oh god I don't even know. Merlin himself was weirdly fun to draw, though. I also don't know Merlin/Merthur stuff to save my life. I feel okay with Merlin and Harry here, but not sure about Arthur and Draco. ... Maybe it's just a blond thing?
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"Fairytales Are for Muggles" has now been translated into Czech by the kind [ profile] ladyf_00! My first translated work!! :D I'm so excited!

Available here!

108 : H/D Owlpost

Wednesday, 8 January 2014 05:05 pm
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I guess it's a thing to claim your fest submissions in your own journal? XD? I've seen a few people do it now, but I don't think it ever occurred to me to... probably for my lack of fandom friends until the last year or so, lololol. Fest culture, one day I will learn you. :D

Title: Fairytales Are for Muggles for [ profile] singlemomsummer
Summary: The last thing Draco Malfoy expected to do as he walked home from a late night at work was trip over Harry Potter. [A Christmas Bonding Story]
Word Count: 4,356
Rating: T
Contains: (Highlight to view) *semi-creature!Harry, forced bonding*
Notes: A silly combination of several of your kinks - I hope you like it, [ profile] singlemomsummer! Happy holidays!
Many thanks to [ profile] eidheann_writes for helping me put my vague thoughts into a proper concept and letting me whinge at you! -mwah-
Many thanks to [ profile] jenchan for the preliminary beta, and [ profile] yaburetayume for a final beta! You are my grammar queen, darling!

Title: Eye(con) Candy for [ profile] eidheann_writes
Summary: 8 sets of icons of or relating to Harry and/or Draco
Art Medium: Icons
Rating: R
Contains: (Highlight to view) *implied mpreg on one set of icons*
Notes: Happy Christmas, darling!
Thank you to [ profile] capitu for the content assist!

Title: "The Lip-Lock Jinx" for [ profile] cassisluna
Summary: Illustrations for [ profile] cassisluna's 8th year fic, "The Lip-Lock Jinx" available on LJ here and FFNet here!
Art Medium: CG
Rating: G
Contains: No warnings except spoilers for the fic.
Notes: Cassis Luna, your fics are an absolute pleasure to read! I had a hard time deciding which one to illustrate, but in the end, "The Lip-Lock Jinx" was just too much fun to pass up!
A hundred thousand thank-yous to [ profile] vaysh11 for your boundless patience with and kindness to me and my real-life issues while I worked on this! Bless you, and bless all the mods for running this delightful fest!

And the delightful owls that I received:
  • "Christmas Treats": A fic and assortment of delicious holiday recipes by [ profile] ashindk! This was so damn domestic and adorable I was instantly in love, and I can't wait to try out the recipes!
  • "The Last Drop": A sweet and hilarious coffeeshop fic by [ profile] susannah_wilde! I'm such a coffee lover. ;___; And such a Draco lover - he had me cracking up or cuddling him all throughout this fic!
  • "The Unlikely Career Choices of Mr Draco Lucius Malfoy": A totally hilarious and absolutely wonderful fic of Draco job-hopping and Harry stalking him by [ profile] who_la_hoop! I've been prompting job-hopping for a couple of years now, I think, so I was so stoked that this was written, and I really couldn't be more pleased with the result!
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Sitting in a hospital for 12.5 hours is kind of boring and the Wi-Fi wasn't working, so I took the opportunity to try and work on the Trick-or-Treats.

I got a little... carried away? On [ profile] eidheann_writes's. It was the only one I could do without the internet for reference pictures, so... XD

Fandoms: Harry Potter, WTNV
Favorite Characters: Luna Narcissa Harry Draco
Favorite Ships: h/d cecilos thorki
Favorite Tropes or Themes: surprise!mpreg, *pining*
Halloween Prompt Word: bats

Four-page chibi comic under the cut! )

Happy Hallowe'en and merry Samhain, Marianne. :3
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For my beloved sweetie Jenny's birthday October 5th: Draco baking a cake for Harry for his birthday. To deviantArt!

Travel blog updated here
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My first complete CG in a long while~ for the 2012 HP Fanart Fest!

Prompt: Draco and Kreacher, post-war, Number 12 Grimmauld Place, Kreacher has a fistful of Draco's robes and is looking up at him with big, sycophantic eyes because a Black is back in Grimmauld Place. Draco is, of course, disgusted and sneering because this aging house-elf is touching him.

Draco, Harry, and Kreacher - Drarry if you want, platonic if you don't )
on deviantArt
on LiveJournal

That's all. :3
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