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Friday, 9 August 2030 01:52 pm
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This is a friends-locked journal. As it is primarily real-life content, not fandom, I periodically do sweeps to remove folks who've fallen out of touch. This is not a reflection of my feelings toward you or your art or your writing or your ships; it's simply because this LJ was never intended to be fandom-focused. As such, while I tag potentially triggering posts, I'm not going to make them my-eyes-only.

If you don't know me well enough to be mutual friends but want to say hello, feel free to send me an PM or e-mail instead. I love to chat and get to know people. New folks should definitely read at least the last section of my About Me page here (after you've been added, as it's friends-locked as most of my posts are).

If you are here because you saw me loitering around the Harry Potter fandom, you can find my tiny master lists here:

H/D Fic Masterlist! )

HP Art Masterlist! )

If you are here to fill a Harry Potter fest prompt of mine, please see here:
Drarry Kinks/Squicks! )

Other Fandoms I'm In, and Will Therefore Understand References:
- Supernatural (Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam) [My SPN Tumblr]
- Avengers (Steve/Bucky, Phil/Clint, Wade/Peter, Steve/Tony, Thor/Loki) [My general, Marvel-centric Tumblr]

That is all. ♥
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