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Is it just a dream...?

... Or just a wicked memory?

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Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:Oregon, United States of America
AO3:ReadyPlayerZero (pseud TeddyLaCroix for Avengers stuff, AWickedMemory for Harry Potter stuff)
Tumblr (general):TeddyLaCroix (Avengers-heavy)
Tumblr (art):ReadyPlayerZero
Tumblr (Supernatural):Cas-and-Dean

♥ Fandom Ships ♥
     · Drarry (aka Draco/Harry from Harry Potter)
     · Snupin (aka Lupin/Snape from Harry Potter)
     · Stony (aka Steve Rogers/Tony Stark from Captain America, Iron Man, Avengers)
     · Stucky (aka Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes from Captain America, Avengers)
     · Phlint (aka Phil/Clint from Avengers, Hawkeye, Secret Avengers)
     · Cherik (aka Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr from X-Men)
     · Destiel (aka Castiel/Dean from Supernatural)
     · Sabriel (aka Gabriel/Sam from Supernatural)
     · 1x2 (aka Heero/Duo from Gundam Wing)

In general, I am not a multishipper. Steve Rogers, however, is my fandom slut. ♥

Absolutely loving Asexual!Castiel, Asexual!Gabriel, and Asexual!Sherlock.

I love Hannibal in all its forms (novels, movies, series), but Hannigram is a major NoTP. I don't care if you ship it, but please do not try and discuss it with me.

Could I be your addiction
All I want is to be craved
I wanna be non-fiction
But I could never be that brave

  - Aneiki, "Wicked World"

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